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Members search on homepage

  • enrique_ramirez


    Quick and to the point: I got the members directory working on /members (i.e., but by design I have the same alphabetic search on the homepage (i.e. Is it possible to click on a link (let’s say, ‘B’) on the homepage and be directed to AND get the directory to work (meaning, getting the users with the letter B instead of all the users)?

    Similar question goes for the search text input box, where I have the search input on the homepage and would like to be sent to the members/ page on submit with the search results.

    And, just to scratch the possibility before someone points it out, it’s not viable to use an ajax call to load the search results on a div within the homepage, mainly because of the design does not have a “container” box per se and it’ll look odd.

    Sorry, but I cannot post a link. Under NDA.

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