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Mentorship Requested: WordPress Dummy = Me

  • jasonlovesgreen


    Hello my new community. I could really use your mentorship. I’ve started a website with WordPress / Buddypress and I don’t know anything about web development.

    One morning I decided to join a social networking site about landscaping, but I found none. However, I am really passionate about landscaping. So I decided to make the website.

    I started with Ning, but I learned I would not own the content. Then I tried Boonex / Dolphin, because it offered a software package that worked from the start, but I found it too restrictive (and expensive). My friend, a web developer by trade, told me about WordPress / Buddypress. Here I am.

    I envision a site that is as easy to use as Facebook. It has user albums / galleries. It has user blogs inside user profiles. It has a Pinboard section like Pintrist under user profiles where users can pin their dream landscape and garden ideas. It has a forum and wiki–all user driven. All of these features I want on one site (I think).

    I need the site to be as user friendly as possible, because many people who enjoy landscape and garden are not well adjusted to the internet (thinking of my in-laws).

    I welcome any sort of input–plugins, widgets, themes, books to read, pages to visit, twitter/RSS to follow. Anything!

    Thank you.

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  • @mercime


    1. go to page links on the right sidebar and read them
    2. Albums/Galleries
    a. BP Album/BP Media – free
    b. BP Gallery – premium
    Pinterist – but none that I know specifically for the Albums/Galleries listed above.though you could make a request with plugin developer
    3. User Blogs – you need to “Create a Network” i.e., make it Multisite

    Hi Jason
    Goodluck with your quest. BTW I like green!
    I setup my WP site with BuddyPress around 12 months ago & I still do not have BuddyPress working as I want it!! This is very frustrating for me. I have not had great help on this site here except from Mercime who is helpful.
    I am though determined to get BuddyPress going as I want with my WordPress site because I am stubborn! It is very tempting to use alternative php forum software. There are a few good ones around which you can add to your site & say bye bye to BuddyPress hassles & problems etc.
    Anyway keep me posted on how you get along & maybe we can help each other on this?
    Best wishes :-)

    Well thanks a bunch – maybe we should all bow out and leave things to mercim then as no one else has ever contributed any help on the forum ;)

    Can we keep things civil please, and on topic.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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