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    Dammit. Just as i thought i was getting good at this coding thingomajigy, i get stuck :( I’m hoping an expert (that’d be you.) could help me out a little…

    Simple question: Is their a way to move the private messages component out of the profile and into it’s own parent directory thingo? so, instead of it would be define ‘BP_MESSAGES_SLUG’ only allows you to change the word messages rather than the entire thing, unless i’m doin’ it wrong.

    I’m trying to move components that aren’t really profile related out of the members profiles as it’s getting abit crowded in their.

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    Paul Gibbs


    Not possible out of the box. Might be technically possible, but I guess you would end up rewriting a ton of code.

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    @djpaul – That was the answer i was afraid of. :(
    Thanks Paul for the quick response.

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