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Migrating from old forums to bbPress – No “Group Forums” option

  • notpoppy


    I am in the process of migrating from the old BuddyPress forums to bbPress-based one as per these instructions in the BuddyPress codex:

    Migrating from old forums to bbPress 2.2+

    I wish to preserve my existing group forums framework. However I’ve hit a problem at the penultimate step in the instructions under Settings > Forums:

    Under “Group Forums Parent“, ensure “Group Forums” is selected.

    My “Group Forums Parent“ does not include a “Group Forums” option. The list is approximately as follows:

    – Forum Root –
    Forum 1
    >Forum 2
    >Forum 3
    >Forum 29
    >Forum 30
    Forum 31

    i.e., the ‘Forum Root’ option at the top, two forums at the top level (1 and 31 here) and a few dozen forums beneath forum 1 in the hierarchy.

    What am I supposed to select instead of the missing “Group Forums” option?

    My goal is for the main page of the forums to have a list of the most recently updated topics and a list of all the forums.

    I’m currently running WordPress 3.8.1, BuddyPress 1.9.2 and BBPress 2.5.3.

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  • Ok what is not clear in that particular guide is the necessity of creating a new forum but selecting ‘category’ rather than ‘forum’ when you save/create it, this category is the groups forums parent and the slug that you would see appear in that select option, the one referenced ‘Groups Forum’ is simply an example name.

    Have a read of this other guide to installing bbPress from new written by our own @mercime as it explains the steps very clearly:

    Installing Group and Sitewide Forums

    The upgrading guide will need a little editing to make things clearer.



    Ah got it. And relieved the problem wasn’t just me not be able to follow instructions! Thanks very much.

    Yeah a little more information in the guide would be good I think.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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