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  • konaexpress


    Does anyone know if Mingle forums will work with BP? Sorry for asking this but I couldn’t find a search option in this forum.


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  • I don’t think it will work with BP ..why don’t you try bbPress :)



    Mingle looks like a bb ;)



    Mingle forums does work with Buddypress. It also allows for users to upload images into the forum.(Not just embed them) I have paired Buddypress and Mingle forums together. I am using Buddypress for image gallery capabilities, but I am about to swich totally to Mingle plugins, because I am very frustrated with Buddypress!

    Secrets of Safety


    Mingle hasn’t been updated and seems to be having some problems with conflicts with other plugins it didn’t used to conflict with. Yes, It is nice but if they aren’t updating it, really… what options do you have?

    I tried the Symposium plugins, but they are in constant “upgrade” mode and it is very hard to follow. And I might add that testing loading speed, Symposium slows down a site a lot.

    If Mingle were updated, it would be great.. I love the way they have everything set up, but there is no album. They have much better privacy options.

    I really like the mingle forums and since it is mentioned that I might be able to use it then I think I will try. Although bbpress can be easily set up in multiple different ways. If it’s allowed, here is a tutorial that is really easy to follow for installing the bbpress plugin and setting up multiple forums..
    I found it very easy to follow..

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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