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Missing from BuddyPress

  • scottmotion


    Full hijack the authentication flow (Login/Logout/Register/Forgot/Wrong/All Other): End user should never land on a WP login page. I have a mix of BP, bbp, and WP login pages depending on how the user interacts.

    reCAPTCHA during Registration: Should be core. Had to get the plugin from WBCom Designs

    Extended Profile Fields: Should be core. Had to get the plugin from BuddyDev

    User Menu: Username and Avatar. Conditional menu items. I had to use the “User Menus” plugin by Code Atlantic

    Use the username as display name: Had to code this myself.

    Disable Full Name field: Custom code again.

    Set default notification preferences: More code.

    Remove specific accounts from public member list: Really want to hide the admin! More code.

    Remove tabs from user profile: More code.

    Redirect WP Author to BP Profile: teh codez.

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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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