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Mobile Avatar Uploads

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    I’ve found 99% the mobile issues I’ve come across can be fixed with a little CSS. The one persistent issue is uploading Avatars (Profile Pictures) via Mobile. Here are the primary challenges.

    1. “jcrop-holder” and the “avatar-crop-preview” within the Avatar Upload Form are too large for smart phonea and end up off the right side of the screen.

    2. Image orientation – Images uploaded from a smart phone will randomly show up sideways. I have found no pattern to why this happens and to make things more confusing, while the image appears sideways on the phone, they’ll sometimes show up correctly when viewed on a desktop. Only solution I can think of is an image rotate option could help.

    3. Some mobile images won’t upload. I’ve only had this happen a few times, but some users have also reported this. The image will be an iPhone photo, one will upload and one next to it will not.

    For #1, I have changed the default Avatar dimensions to 300×300 then used CSS to shrink it back to 150×150 to make the website full resolution on retnia displays, which does add to the problem, because the jcrop holder inherits the dimensions in the BP Custom file.

    Just wanted to point these out because I’m seeing more people registering for the site via smart phone to almost “test” it out to see if it’s cool enough to spend time on, and uploading their avatar seems to be a bottleneck for mobile registrations. It’s usually the first thing people do when they register, and probably seen as an indication of the site functionality.

    Great job on the release of 2.1! Some really exciting additions and improvements!

    viva la BuddyPress!

    Running WordPress 4.0 Multisite, BuddyPress 2.1, 2014 Theme, lots of plugins (Related to images: “Resize Image After Upload”, “Easy Fancy Box”, “BP Gallery” and “Pretty Gallery”).

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