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Mobile status updates

  • theTechnaddict


    We’re evaluating for a social network site, but confess to having fallen for BuddyPress.

    Status updates on the move is a must, however.

    It need not be the full iOS app that is hovering in the wings, and besides it needs to be Android and everything else as well.

    I know that WordPress blog posts can be created by email – can buddypress status updates also?

    Better if it can be updated by SMS (a more ubiquitous client)?

    StatusNet (and kin) has excellent client support – could it be used as a middleware to BP?

    Or could Twitter be used?

    Buddy Press Mobile theme plugin seems to be dead – is there a replacement?

    We have no real development skills/time but do have lego-building skills and patience

    Wordpress / BuddyPress latest stable versions (unless otherwise directed).

    Lastly please accept apologies if this has already been discussed – entering any terms in the search bar at the top seems to land me back on the blog page.

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Viewing 12 replies - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)
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