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mobile theme for buddypress?

  • takuya


    Is there any plan to include mobile friendly theme(s)? A theme that should co-exist with bp-default… There’re few mobile friendly themes for wordpress, but I doubt they work for buddypress.

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  • @groan , by “links” I actually mean BuddyPress URL paths such as “http://yoursite/…/groups/”. BuddyPress recognises a few of these (activity, groups, members, forums) and I believe these are directories in BuddyPress themes. Under unix operating systems (I’m installing on Linux) you can create “symbolic links” or “symlinks” which are like shortcuts to other directories. My solution was to “hack” such links into the “mobile_pack_base” and “mobile_pack_blue” themes, linking to the corresponding directories under the BuddyPress Default theme. And it worked. (I was a bit surprised) The lines starting with dollar signs are linux commands. If you don’t have command line access you may be able to create symlinks using ftp or something else, I’m not sure. If you’re on Windows I have no idea what to do.

    PS. In retrospect I should have created a new and independent theme derived from “mobile_pack_base” which then included all of the symlinks. Or perhaps WordPress has a better way of doing such links that would work across platforms. I’m pretty new to WordPress.



    The BuddyBoss theme is made specifically to be super super mobile, with a stylesheet just for BuddyPress and one just for bbPress, making all of that content responsive.


Viewing 2 replies - 26 through 27 (of 27 total)
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