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moderate avatars

  • lukabernardi


    Is there a way to moderate the avatar. It seems that the default BuddyPress not have this option, no one before me had this need?

    Is there some hook that I use to intercept the upload a new avatar?

    I thought I intercept a new upload and save the user, so that an administrator can then verify.

    Finally I wanted to exclude gravatar … is it possible?

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  • Griffin Boyce


    I’m looking to do the same things, so maybe I can be some help. :) For now, I may be putting the avatar moderation on back-burner and focusing instead on removing gravatar support. The low-tech solution is to delete the user’s avatar from the server.

    Gravatars don’t make a lot of sense on BuddyPress, since they are stretched and look blurry on the member pages. There’s a plugin that disables the gravatar for WPMU & BP: Haven’t tried it with BP 1.2 yet.

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