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Move profile fields to another field group?

  • peterverkooijen


    Upgrading my site. I had made a few custom profile fields. I don’t want them to be on the sign-up page. I should have put them in another field group.

    Is there a way after the fact to move those fields to another field group? Without losing data that members have already put in there?

    Has anyone done this manually? Can you share the database query or how to do this? Or would it only get me into trouble?

    EDIT: I see the custom profile fields that are not required don’t show up on the register form in 1.1.3, which is good! I think they did show up by default in the old version. I had to use javascript to hide them. Is this a change is the newer version or is something else going on?

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  • Boris


    Just had a quick look. You might be able to just get away with changing the group_id field in wp_bp_xprofile_fields to the id of the new group. The data table only seems to be looking for the id field. You can do that in phpMyAdmin. Try it locally, though, first if at all possible.



    Hi Peter, I had the same problem, here is the code that will move everything from group_id 1 to group_id 3

    Check the id of the secondary group and change the number 3.


    $x = $wpdb->get_results(“SELECT * FROM wp_bp_xprofile_fields WHERE group_id=1 and is_required=0”);

    foreach($x as $k=>$v){





    Thanks Devrim. How do I “run” this? Would putting it into bp-custom.php take care of it? I know how to run a SQL query in phpMyAdmin. That’s essentially what this is, right?

    Is there a reason not to try this manually in phpMyAdmin? Is the group_id field connected to/dependant on other fields that are easy to overlook?



    Just a small favor from you required if you can look that- as I’m very close to execute it.

    For – I’m currently using buddypress template file and having the following functionality


    I would like to create a specific section like groups which I name to Company. So that user can create and register company here.

    I have copy the code of groups section (code mention in previous link)- modify it and create a directory which I name company

    Now I would like to define function in function.php so that it will be functional and we can assign a page on the site like

    For style.css I’ve use the previous codes. Please let me know how we can have the following functionality.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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