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MS: Integrating Core Buddypress Templates into Child Sites

  • jcangler


    I have a 50 multisite network and I’m looking for a way to integrate some of the core buddypress templates on the child-site level so users don’t have to be “removed” from their local environment to the network root in order to interact with one another, i.e., view a profile, send a message, etc.

    The reason I want this functionality is because, for the vast majority of time, a given user only interacts with members on a single site to which they regularly visit. It’s confusing and overly burdensome for the user to have to continually navigate back and forth from the child site to the network root and then back to the child site.

    You may then wonder the reasons why I would be using multisite, but just trust me, there are many; the most compelling of which are administrative in nature. In a related matter, it will not make practical sense to use a multi-network solution to my problem.

    By default, each child site has a “local” template for buddypress Activity. What’s the best way to create a similar local page for the other core buddypress pages such as profile, groups, etc?

    Basically I’m just looking for any practical solutions on how to best tackle this problem because I go crazy hacking up buddypress core files. Any feedback is greatly appreciated. Thank you!

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