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Muliple profiles, one account.

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    I realize at this point I am probably going to have to use multisite.

    I would like to have one user be able to have two separate types of profiles depending on what kind of account they have. I have a website where people can sign up for A, B, or A and B.

    If they choose A and B I’d like them to have two separate buddypress profiles that can be different names, avatars, details, ect. that sync together so if they login with A login details or B its still just one account.

    One account. Same person.

    Is there a plugin that makes this or something similar possible? Or will my users have to sign up for two separate accounts? Thank you.

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    Well @RukiaR7 what you are asking for has been demanded in these forums time and time again but no one has really ever coded this kind of plugin however i am working on a project like that for My team just finished the first plugin today which is the facebooklike toolbar for the wordpress adminbar. What i will be building is similar but a little different in that people who have different profile types for different user roles they signed up from. And admin will be able to choose which profile is neccessary for which user role.For the first time facebook timeline will be coming into plugin develoment on wordpress and buddypress. If you are interested please hire me at once. It will be only for a week and you get it.

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