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multi-db for buddypress

  • Anointed


    I am curious if anyone is working on a multi-db plugin for wordpressmu that utilizes buddypress.

    It turns out the multi-db plugin from premium dev site does not support buddypress. From what I have been told on their forums, they are not even going to attempt to get it working until 2.8 mu is released. Of course that could be forever…..

    I’m guessing there would be fairly large demand for a plugin like this as I can’t see how very large sites like edublogs could even consider adding buddypress in a single database environment.

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  • ichbinsdennis


    I think this plugin would be very important because every community that grows will need multiple databases otherwise everything won’t get bigger..

    I hope Nicola or Andy will do something in this way..

    It was a huge deal to get the multi-db plugin to be honest :) The only other project out there that has a chance so far would be the HyperDB plugin from Automattic. It gives you the chance to use replication as well as split databases up, but doesn’t come with an automatic blog selection by hash or anything out of the box. I personally am dealing with the huge single database until 2.8 is released.




    That is quite interesting, Trent. So you have to wait until 2.8, but the question is, if it will then be possible to add BuddyPress and split the databases afterwards, when the DB gets really big?

    (To be honest, the multi-db plugin is the only interesting for me at wpmudev premium, and until they don’t support buddypress I will probably not become a paying member.)



    I cancelled my membership there yesterday for the exact same reason. I had no need for any of the other plugins as of yet, and paying $50 a month while I wait for a plugin that may not even start to be developed for months seemed an absolute waste of money.



    I think that if multi-db was under gpl, i may to be interested to develop on it

    Matt Kern


    Just for reference, what size community do you need before you have to start using multiple db’s?




    I think there are many that has the same consensus as you.


    Depends on many things; the amount of blogs, server performance and traffic. That is probably hard to say.

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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