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"Multi-site" along with BuddyPress questions

  • rickkumar



    I enabled the Multi-site and then installed the buddypress.

    I am new and there is one surprise after the other, so want your help to understand the following:

    1. Enabling multi-site on buddypress means that new members will get the option to have their own sub-site (on the subdomain of the main site) during the registration process. Right?

    2. For each of these new subsite, we have to manually activate the mainsite’s theme for the members to use for their subsites. Right?

    3. The members will get the option to then login to the backend of their subsite/theme so that they can modify the looks of their subsite/blog etc.  Right?

    4. It won’t be easy for the new members to edit/modify the theme unless they are very familiar with wordpress and know what they are doing. Right?

    5. Is it a good idea to enable multisite on buddypress given all the above difficulty for new members to create, edit, and maintain their subsites?

    6. Is there a security risk to the main site if all the members are allowed to create and edit the themes for their site from the backend?

    7. What are the advantages of allowing (“Multi-site” on the BuddyPress) Versus (just BuddyPress withOUT Multisite)? Is it better to just go BuddyPress and no multisite?

    Please share your experience so I can make a better decision.

    Thank you very much for your help.


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  • Ben Hansen


    #1 there are a couple of options actually in your network admin network settings.

    #2 you can also network activate the themes if choose.

    #3 correct

    #4 not necessarily if they understand css it should be fairly easy also depending on the built in them options they will not be able to “modify” the them files themselves

    #5 buddypress certainly makes the whole site creation process more visible since a normal wordpress install doesn’t really do that at all (at least i don’t think it does).

    #6 yes thats why they can’t do it only the network admin has the ability to add new theme/plugins.

    #7 the only difference is the ability to admin their own sites but there are different settings to where they couldn’t even create them themselves (you’d have to activate any sub sites if you choose that option).



    Thank you  @ubernaut

    My WPEngine hosting (Professional Plan) came with Multisite enabled.

    Is it possible for me to just have regular buddypress site and disable the Multisite?




    @rickkumar You can run BuddyPress on single WP. Just contact webhost WP Engine about the Multisite issue.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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