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Multisite Buddypress – New Users, Sites, Admin Bar

  • I am working on a move from a wordpress multisite to a new installation with wordpress/buddypress multisite.

    I am having some problems with the migration of the current user base.

    1. I had the users created when I imported the posts. I found that users who were created this way could not see the ‘my sites’ section of the admin bar and could not see any of the sites they were assigned to … so I deleted all the posts. Created the users from scratch … reimported the content … and it appeared all to work …


    2. One user I created using the create new user and it sent the email with the password. The user can see the core site but not the sub-site they have access to under their site list. They could access the subsites just not see them in the admin bar or on the ‘sites’ page

    3. I however did not find the case for another test user I created where I created the user, did not send the email and typed in the password into the admin section.

    Wordpress 1.3.2
    Buddypress 1.5.1

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  • 4. I have tried another senario. If create a new user … do not send the email … and set the password in admin. They can access all sites

    5. I have completed another senario. If I create a new users … do not send the email. Have them go to the website to ‘reset the password’. They then follow the link in the email and use the new password. It then allows them to login and takes them to the sub-site admin .. but it does not show the site under the sites dropdown in the admin bar and when you go to the sites page it does not show the sub-site.

    This is a completely new user that has not accessed the site at all, has no posts assigned to it.

    I have also had the user try to change their own password and this did not change the admin bar problem or show the sites on the ‘sites’ page.

    6. (I think I must love testing) I have found that with a new user if I create them in the admin, then set their password (but not tell them) … and then they go to forget password … and then log in … it all works perfectly.

    I think I have narrowed it down to new users on a multisite that are created and then use the system generated password can not see the sites that they have ‘access’ to in the sites list on the admin bar or on the sites page. However if they go to the URL for the site (or the site’s admin) they have their appropriate level of access. I have found if they try and change their passwords through the front interface this does not fix the problem.

    I have found that as a work-around if a admin person comes in and changes their password in the admin section of the website they can then see their sites in both the admin bar and the sites page. While this work-around is OK for now I am going to have problems with this when I move to having the system allow new users to be created by other people (and for themselves)

    I think I am losing my mind. I logged this into the bug ticket list yesterday and I can’t find it there. Not even in closed tickets. Will add again but this time I will keep the ticket number

    I am also experiencing similar issues, have updated my own post on it.

    Actually Im going to update here as I cant even get to page two of the forum, the numbered links to pages don’t work!

    M problem is now even worse:

    1. New members signs up and adds blog at sign-up – it tells them in their profile they have 2 sites, it shows two sites in the My Sites dropdown and it lists two sites in their profile with clickable links, see pic here:

    So the site lists their own blog, but it also lists them as being a blogger on the main site as well, which is not the case because they don’t have dashboard access.

    2. If a new member signs-up and does NOT create a blog on signup, they cannot create on later because the “My Sites” dropdown does not apper to them.

    So, two pretty fundamental issues.

    Heres my original thread, I cant access it in my browser, it times out.

    Boone Gorges


    The original issue has been resolved:

    @iblbuilder Your issue sounds distinct. Can you post a bug ticket at, with specific steps to reproduce? (Including BP and WP versions)

    Hi – thanks – ticket submitted #3759

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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