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Multisite help

  • bennymcl


    Hi guys,

    I am running WordPress 3.8 and BuddyPress 1.9.1

    I have just installed it here

    The issue I am having is that users, when they register through the form (, the site is not creating the sub domain as it should. I have setup the wildcard on my DNS and that all works because I can MANUALLY add a new subdomain in the backoffice network settings as you can see here

    This was added from the network settings in the back office.

    The problem is on the front end…

    The user goes through the sign up no problems, but after they complete the registration, the right stuff clearly doesn’t happen in the back office because there is no record of the user and the new subdomain has not been added. There are no errors on the registration page, as you can test for yourself, after the user registers. When they click the activate link from their email, it just redirects to the main page…

    Any ideas? It’s a fresh install. I have not edited ANY code yet…


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