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Multisite within a multisite?

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    Might need a real multisite and buddypress expert for this one. Are you ready?

    I think what I am creating is a ‘multisite multisite’ (or I could be just confusing myself by not seeing an obvious solution – I am a noob to multisites and buddypress, but loving the challenge).

    An example might help explain what I mean. Let’s say I want to set up a site for weekend sports enthusiasts, (not the actual name). would be the domain name and the probable entry point for users who haven’t visited the site before.

    Here they will be able to select their zipcode and land in the site that talks about all the sports going on in their local area (an area overview if you like, using multisite), e.g. (For the purposes of this, let’s assume that people visiting the site are actually interested in an area overview, even if that might seem unlikely.)

    After finding getting general area information about sports, most will naturally want to dive into a specific sport, say

    I thought about making this a Group of the multisite (…/94123), but that means that soccer players in that zipcode won’t be able to form their own soccer-related group within the group (e.g. Women soccer players in 94123) – something I want to offer users – and any discussion by that group will appear in the Activity of the much larger zipcode group, which should be limited to just broader area sports discussion as individual activity within the specific sports will be irrelevant/dull/too much.

    The soccer fan will bookmark the ‘homepage’ of their sport within that zipcode, but will dip into area discussion regularly.

    I guess I could set up,, etc., but expensive and hopefully not necessary.

    That’s why I say a multisite of a multisite: Fully operating community sites for the broader area for broader discussion and then a fully operating community site for the individual sports.

    Again, I am new to this, so be gentle if this isn’t as hard as I have made it seem. I am grateful for your guidance.

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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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