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My Blogs and the bp admin menu bar

  • Burt Adsit


    NOTE: this is a repost from my blog. I realized that this was a more appropriate place to have a discussion.

    My Blogs really should show all the blogs that a user can author posts in. Anything more than subscriber rights should be available under My Blogs. If I’m a contributor or author in a blog, I consider it ‘My Blog’. I have more than a passing interest in that blog.

    The admin bar is now displaying ‘Blog Authors’. Looks like bp goes out and does a get_blogs_for_user() which gets all the blogs that user has created. It builds the ‘My Blogs’ menu. Farther down in the admin bar code we are building the ‘Blog Authors’ for the current blog. Now we know all users with more than a subscriber role.

    If the current logged in user is in the current blog’s authors list AND the current blog is not in the users array of My Blogs (created) then add the current blog to the bp_user_blogs table.

    I don’t know what the implications of that in bp are though. Would it make *any* difference if bp_user_blogs contained blog id’s for blogs other than those that were created by each user? This would make that table more of a ’subscription’ table. I know this would be of value on my site.

    Eventually Groups will have blogs. If I want to easily visit all my fav blogs, I’d go to each group and browse the blog for that group. However, I’m sure that some blogs may not have groups associated with them in the blog community. It would be *alot* easier if I could visit any blog I have authorship in just by picking it out of the My Blogs list.

    Wadda ya say?

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