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My little registering nightmare

  • danbpfr


    i registered a user with name Doe

    and first name John with email abc@mail, username: jodo, role:admin

    what happens if i register another user with name Doe, firstname Bob, username: bodo and email opm@mailthis, role:author ?

    At first nothing: profiles showing up correctly. Posts authors also. But after a few other tests… :-(

    For exemple, a message send to Bob Doe goes to John Doe.

    Some little problems appears time to time from into plugins or so.

    The only way i found to avoid this is to register members with first name last name in the same name input box. In fact, the Basic field. That’s ok when i do this myself. But not ok at all if user register themselve. And not good at all too if people wear the same name.

    Creating additionnal fields like nickname or what else related to names don’t take effect against this naming system. As it seems that the only sorting name routine is working on “basic” name.

    Is this right ?

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  • I can’t understand how the messaging problem happens, everything is sent using usernames, and has nothing to do with profile fields.

    In fact, everything in BuddyPress is based on usernames, and those have to be unique. Perhaps you can give more detail on some specific problems?

    This looks like it may be related to this:



    Yes, exactly.

    I also registered several test user from the same computer since this we update to 1.0.1…

    So what about something like multiple registering functionnality for site admin in next, or next next release ? Next i have to import over 1 000 user into a BP install… if the cookie problem persist…. brrr !

    This is fixed in the trunk version now. It will be in 1.0.2 coming out very soon.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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