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My Usernames Appended with -2 ??

  • berto813


    I Can’t seem to figure out why the username is appended with -2… Something to do with slugs maybe?

    In the members directory the username does not have appended at the end the -2.

    But in a members permalink it has -2 appended, and it does not work if you take -2 out.

    Also on the profile it shows:


    Any thoughts how to fix this, obviously a str_replace -2 would work when echoing the username in the places it appends -2… but getting the URL working without -2 i cant figure it out or how to stop the -2…

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  • Henry


    On creating a new slug which isn’t unique, WordPress appends a “-1”.

    You should never get to the point where you have duplicate usernames as the registration form has validation preventing registration if the sought after username already exists.

    Aside from at the point of registration, do you have anything on your site (plugins or custom code) which allows users to change their username?



    Thanks for the reply..

    Btw, do you notice your name says, @henrywright-1 ?

    Anyway, How can I fix the slugs or remove any duplicates?

    I’m trying to have it so I dont have any -1 or -2 in the URL..

    With this going on, when you even try to public message it says, @username-2

    I need to fix this appending issue so I’m able to have just the username…




    I noticed the henrywright-1 – it hasn’t always been this way. I’m not 100% sure but I think the user database from and was merged with me taking the “-1” username. That is no better than a guess but I can’t think how else the -1 was appended

    To help with your problem – if you log into the wordpress dashboard (wp-admin), go to Users > All users. You should see a list of every user that has signed up via BuddyPress. You can perform delete actions on the users you’d like to remove.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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