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Bottom uses a combination of WordPress, BuddyPress and other…..

  • abcde666


    I just found this article by searching for “buddypress” on Google-News… seems the guys running this website are one step ahead of reality ?


    Web 3.0 Platform Will Foster Seamless Global Communication;Promote

    Cross-Cultural Collaboration

    DENVER–(Business Wire)–

    With more than 1.6 billion Internet users communicating in countless languages

    and 4.6 billion cell phone users predicted by the end of 2009, language barriers

    represent the final frontier to modern international communication. Mojofiti, a

    global network of people working together to break down language barriers

    worldwide, today launched, a multilingual publishing platform

    currently in beta. is a global, open source-based publishing and networking platform

    where people can publish, share and interact with each other in their native

    local language while reaching out to the world in 27 languages through Google`s

    machine dictionaries. mymojofiti uses a combination of WordPress, BuddyPress and

    other proprietary technologies augmented by Google machine translations to allow

    users to combine all content from their existing WordPress blog and instantly

    translate it for viewers in their native language. Soon it will include a

    language-enabled e-commerce plug-in, so users can easily extend their goods and

    services for purchase to more buyers on a worldwide basis.

    Mojofiti is calling upon open source developers, translators, content designers,

    and creators to join the effort to enhance and grow to ultimately

    become a new kind of global social network, allowing anyone to express

    themselves, integrate with social media tools and interact in any language


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  • dwakabayashi


    This is great, thanks for spreading the word about mojofiti, anyone wanting to know more, work with us, get our code, or collaborate in any way, please reach out.



    if you are going to write any new plugins, are you going to release them under GPL ?



    Enrich73, we are working with speaklike and worldwide lexicon on a plug-in that will allow WP blogs to be translated by humans and/or machines.

    Of course our work is GPL =)

    We built all of our work on it.



    @dwakabayashi, where can we get your BP plugins?

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