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MySQL version required for BuddyPress?

  • rcx


    My company is trying BuddyPress for the first time, and I am charged with getting the site up and running, working with our developer. He designed it on a local MAMP stack with this configuration:
    MYSQL v5.6.28
    PHP v7.0.10
    (don’t know the BuddyPress version)
    The problem is where I need to put this up (Hostgator) only has MySQL 5.5, unless we get a virtual private server (which I’m negotiating now).
    My question is: is MySQL 5.6 required for BuddyPress? Or could I switch this version in the MAMP stack to overcome this obstacle?

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  • rcx


    PS: other config info:
    WordPress v. 4.6.1.
    BuddyPress v 2.7.0

    Hugo Ashmore


    An aspect like DB is really A WP one rather than BP one. BP as a plugin running under WP uses the DB as created initially by WP so if WP is running or able to run on … then BP will.

    It is recommended that 5.6.0 be used but WP will run on older versions.

    Paul Gibbs


    Yep, like @hnla said. BuddyPress’ DB requirements are the same as WordPress’.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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