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Name and Surname, a better solution?

  • nig3d


    As many of us, I want to force the users to use the real name and surname. I want also to show the complete name and surname throughout the entire site.
    I took the BuddyPress Real Names plugin and I made it work on BP 1.2, but even though, I’m not satisfied with the final user experience yet.
    Mainly the problem is that to make sense, Real Names must overwrite the base field “name” to let BP show the name and surname everywhere.
    You can see that it doesn’t make much sense to have a Name and a Surname field and then having the Name field overwritten with the Name plus the Surname :).
    I can see just a solution now if there is a hook function to write the user name everywhere through the site. If there is, I could replace the standard one with a function that outputs Name+Surname. That would be the right solution.
    Any suggestion?

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