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Nav & Sub Nav Ajax and avatar, cover image blur

  • gooalgenie


    Hey Team,

    Really love your plugin with great Features and extension, forum solutions available.

    Wordpress version: 5.4.2
    Buddypress Version: 6.1.0

    (Themes and plugins are all up to date. All the buddy press features are working fine except the below two issue)

    Yes I face the same issue with twenty, twenty themes.
    Website URL:
    Issue URL:

    Issue 1:

    I am facing issue with Making Menu/Nav Tabs and Subnav Ajax (pages to load without loading the complete page) – How can I achieve the same?

    I researched a lot on various buddy press forums but could not figure out the solution for the same. One of the solutions I tried: – add the code provided here on bp-custom.php and even on themes functions.php file but made no effect.

    Is there any other forum that I can try.

    Note: I have bp-custom.php file in mu-plugins directory and in child theme childtheme/buddypress/members/single/group.php file.

    Issue 2:

    Avatar and cover images look blur whereas they look fine in media library.

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