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need help in making a social network website with buddypress.

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  • You can use BuddyPress Member Types Generator plugin to create members types.

    Or use BuddyPress Member Types plugin, they have a bit different functionality. The 2nd one seems to have more features.

    Different “Types of feeds” is not easily achievable, only with custom coding.

    Custom login and registration pages – lots of solutions for custom login. Custom registration page is limited to BuddyPress, there is no plugin, that can do anything with it. You will need to dive into templating and custom styles.



    Thanks Slava. I kinda found one plugin for custom login though. but it cannot be fully customized. i guess i have to do with it for now. about the feeds, you sure there is no way to allow users to receive particular types of feeds?.. like say Paintings, Photography?

    Yes, I’m sure. Technically it can be done, but some coding will be involved, and that is not a 5 min task. As a starting point you can check this codex page.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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