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Need help on somewhat mangled BuddyPress install

  • bobmorris60

    @bobmorris60 recently went to WordPress from a prehistoric version of Drupal using a consultant to import the data. Due to miscommunication, he didn’t know we were also using BuddyPress and I think some of the data files and configuration might not be right.

    The basic part of the blog works fine. We can add / edit / delete posts fine. But the users pages and activity stream have a borked CSS. The right column appears under the main data, not next to it, where it should be. (scroll to bottom to see what I mean)

    In addition, the forums aren’t working right (they aren’t on the site menu now.)

    I’m at a bit of a loss to figure out what to do. Anyone have ideas?

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  • @mercime


    The right column appears under the main data, not next to it, where it should be.

    @bobmorris60 Read instructions on how to align the right column with the content as well as the cons of using a table-based theme.

    edit// Xposted Mercime beat me to it – sad to hear your running that theme it goes against all that Standards based coders have struggled to steer people away from, I would urge you re-consider the use of that theme most strongly.

    If you simply employed a consultant to import data then that’s really a WP matter, BP would not really play a part in that process for them, if you didn’t employ them to build a theme as well and clearly state BP was to be used then activating BP later would probably require customizing of those BP templates to fit your theme.


    There is a template pack plugin to help migrate templates from BP into your theme, this requires a manual step where the markup of the major elements needs to be matched to your themes ones, this process is detailed in the BP Codex documentation so you may want to re-employ your developer to perform this last stage for you.


    Alternatively if you can wait for BP 1.7 to drop then it’s less of an issue as this release will work with any theme.



    Thanks for the help. We’ll probably wait for 1.7 and see how that goes.

    Didn’t realize Atahaulpa was table-based.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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