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(NEED HELP)Comments disappear when my users refesh

  • when i comment on somthing if i refresh or leave the page the comment disappears on the main activity stream, but is still on your personal stream need help with this asap thank you

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  • @mercime


    Basic troubleshooting – change theme to bp-default theme. It would also help if you give additional info like WP/BP versions, issue happening on new install or updated install, etc.

    @mercime thank you for the reply i tried changing back to the default theme but that diddnt work, i have the lastest version of both wp/bp its happening on updated install



    What theme are you using?
    What plugins do you have activated? Specifically plugins which deal with activity streams and/or comments e.g. Akismet, etc? Have you tried deactivating plugins except BuddyPress to check which is interfering with your updated install?

    @mercime i have already tried deactivating all my plugins execpt buddypress but it still happens, the theme im using is BP Columns 1.5.3 but it still happens when i have the default theme aswell, the plugins that deal with the activity stream are BuddyPress Activity Plus, BuddyPress Activity Stream Bump to Top, BuddyPress Activity Stream Extras, but like i say i have deactivated them and it still happens


    i really need help with this i cannot figure out whats wrong

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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