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new 2.8.1 mu + buddypress.. theme bug

  • Unsal Korkmaz


    new 2.8.1 mu + buddypress.. theme bug..

    bp-themes directory not working.. but i put bp theme to normal themes directory then it worked :P

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  • Graeme


    Great work-around!



    I was thinking that maybe the BP Devs should change BP so that the BuddyPress themes can optionally be installed in the standard themes directory.

    That way if they were able to be configured like wordpress child themes, site designers would have the option of making their BP member themes reuse styles from the theme they select for their BP home theme. That would limit the amount of CSS that needs to be developed.

    I gave it a try by attempting to create a child theme of bphome. Whilst I can select it, BP ignores it and just displays bpmember.

    What do you think of this suggestion?



    A little more info on this bug.

    For theme selection, the “BuddyPress Settings” page is looking at the themes in wp-content/themes, yet it loads the theme from wp-content/bp-themes.

    That means that to use a bp member theme, you need to have a copy of the theme in both the wp-content/themes directory and the wp-content/bp-themes directory.

    This means that the generated HTML ends up loading the CSS and templates from wp-content/bp-themes/<themename>



    But buddypress and all other bp related plugins still activate with fatal error message.

    Also some template code will stop the page from completely parsing and consequently not the whole page will be loaded.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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