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New blog posts on activity wall get messed up with html comment tags

  • This was working with my 1.2.9 version. I had to show certain flash video code for just IE browsers. now on the activity wall when I post that code up I get this instead of the text beneath it. “!–[if !IE]–” . . Does anyone have any ideas as too why? I tried on the bp-default theme and still the same thing.

    I am using

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  • it got rid of the comment code here when I posted. but here it is again “

    Let em clarify again in case my posts didn’t make sense. Sorry I was in a hurry.

    When I post a new blog post in the wordpress dashboard, It usually gets posted to the main activity wall. This part works fine but what gets posted doesn’t. I tested it out and it seems if there are comments inside the posts like `` this well show up as “comments” on the activity wall. On the actual post on the wordpress part it does not show up. Like I mentioned previously. this worked fine on 1.2.9 but now on the version this part seems to be not working properly. , Any ideas anyone? I tried the bp-default theme and still same thing. I didn’t think this would be a theme thing. more of a core part, but I like to test before posting here..



    I too am having this problem how about anyone else having this problem with the latest version? Or is this a known bug?

    We should be stripping HTML comments rather than just parsing out the angled tags, which is what I guess is happening. Please could you report this on Thanks

    Hey @DJPaul Thanks for commenting. I created a ticket on the buddypress trac site.

    But in the mean time do you have any idea where I could look at the function that does this so I could have a look, and mess around with it? I like this feature and every post we make has IE comments in it to play flash videos in. So for now it always looks very weird for my users.


    Thanks for the ticket

    No, I don’t know where to look because I haven’t looked yet ;)

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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