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New Buddypress Groups design.. Group Hierarchy

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    Edit: This is meant to be a discussion of what you would like to see implemented by this plugin…

    I have recently been working on a buddypress group types plugin which is coming along fine…. but I keep finding myself wanting to add sooo much more… I just don’t know whether some of these features belong as an extension to buddypress groups functionality or should be a core feature in the first place because without core hacking this “Plugin” is impossible to make without it running very slowly… So I want to ask everyone what their thoughts are about where I believe buddypress groups functionality should be heading at a plugin level and hopefully a core level..

    I want site admin created and run groups which do not show up in a users profile as groups that they belong to…These groups are meant to hold a category of groups and sub groups extend from this category groups. Basically what I am talking about here is a kind of group hierarchy.

    This is what it looks like…
    Site Wide Group->Category Groups->Sub Category Groups

    Site Wide Group
    -Users automatically belong to this group
    -This group is automatically created because it is basically your sitewide forums your site wide everything..
    -This group is basically hidden as being a group…doesn’t show up in users profile, users can’t leave this group, it basically doesn’t show up as a group at all
    -Has all the basic features of a group plus a groups page so the slug would look like
    -The groups page holds all of the Category Groups…
    -This group is meant as a place for all users to interact with every member of the site..Part of the problem with buddypress is that their isn’t any side wide interaction it is all done within small little niche groups.

    Category Groups
    -Users also automatically belong to these groups
    -This group is also basically hidden as being a group…doesn’t show up in users profile, users can’t leave this group, it basically doesn’t show up as a group at all
    -Has all the basic features of a group plus a groups page so that the slug would look like
    -The groups page holds all of the sub groups of this particular category group…
    -This group is meant as a place for users to interact that have similar interests of this particular category.

    Sub Category Groups
    -User created
    -Users do not automatically belong to these groups they must be invited or join depending on the privacy level of that group
    -Has all the features of a basic user created group plus plugins can be used to extend functionality depending on options set by the site admin…<-still thinking of how I want to go about this

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    Nice one firetag, thank you.

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    Looking good so far. Thanks!

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    Could this plugin be used for instance as a ‘directory’? Not necessary a business directory.

    ‘country / cities’ or ‘city / suburbs’ etc. as such for a directory?

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    Beck B


    Just found this, really excited about it….

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    @firetag said 1 month, 1 week ago:

    @r-a-y yes it’s totally safe but in order to maintain forwards compatability with the plugin it’s best to only use on installations that currently don’t have any groups

    If I eliminate the groups previously created and install this amazing plugin and then I re-create the groups, Will it still be “forwards compatible” or will be the same that if I never done anything? Thanks a lot! :D

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    Hi Firetag
    thank you so much.. I’m total rookie with BP but stumb upon your plungin

    That is an awsome start.. definitively a must have in my list. hope you will be carry on developping it. What I think is missing in the overhall group concept is to be able to add fields for the group description.. that would be a kiler.. and from what I have found, nothing really exist so far.. for example let say that you are a wakerboard fan.. you built a community around it. you want to list all the clubs in your community geography area.. there could be a master category group as clubs and then sub category group for each club name… for example ‘club n°1’.. it would be great to be able to have additionnal fields for example the street address of the club, their website and so on to give more details… then administrator of that sub-grup (let say the club president) can invite all the member on his club who are in your community to join that sub group..
    That could be a great starting point to make a club directory that way.. listing all their members…

    Thank you again and good luck with the developpement

    Just found out about this plugin. looks great! Is it still on development? any response to what @juanmaguerrero asks two posts above this one?

    do you think its also possible to sticky groups. itll provide a way to have high priority groups shown in the first few rows.

Viewing 8 replies - 26 through 33 (of 33 total)
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