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New Forum set up but not working

  • e9designs


    WordPress 3.5.1

    BuddyPress: Version 1.7
    bbPress: Version 2.2.4
    BuddyPress Docs: Version 1.3.3

    Using with Genesis theme (custom child theme)
    Genesis: Version 1.9.1

    Other plugins:
    bbPress Genesis Extend: Version 0.8.4
    BuddyPress Toolbar: Version 1.5.1

    (1) I can’t seem to create any new groups.

    (2) Nothing shows up on the member list (should be 3 users).

    (3) Nothing shows up on the activity stream (should be at least a couple new things).

    (4) The new registration page is only asking for new username and password, but there are quite a few more fields set up under Dashboard > Users > Profile Fields.

    (5) When logged in to forum, if I hover over top-right toolbar (to see profile, etc.), and if I click on one of those links (activity, profile, etc.), it says “page not found.”

    (6) On the base forum page forums-base/ I see ALL the forums listed repeatedly down the page, over and over again. Also, I set this page up (by creating a new page called “forums-base”) and adding a shortcode [bbp-forum-index] and some descriptive text, but this is not what is showing.

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  • e9designs


    Sorry, forgot to give you the website:



    @e9designs prior to BP 1.7, Genesis themes required to install premium Genesis Connect plugin for compatibility with BuddyPress. Not sure if this is still the case at this time. Please contact theme provider if you no longer require Genesis Connect plugin or if there’s a new version.

    As for the forums, since you have bbPress Genesis Extend plugin which is required for integration, please also contact plugin author for assistance.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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