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New member registrations and group creation

  • As is true with most blogs, one always gets someone trying to turn your blog into a marketing tool for their own self interests. Spammers are usually paid by the end benefitter of the post. We get our share. What I am wondering is, is there a configuration, or plug-in, or other means in buddypress to capture more information on the fraudulent visitor than just the bogus email address they leave behind. Such as the IP address, or other more accurate information. My intent is to document such information, so that when I confront the management of the company who’s ad is the target of the post, I can cite my evidence. I’ve already do the whois of the company, and in some cases it’s a company in the US so I can do something with it. (Our most recent case is a company in China selling jerseys for an NFL football team. I’m sure the NFL would like to know about them.) In turn, there is at least very stupid spammer who just may get caught up in potential litigation. I just want to track them down.

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