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new members can’t register & website login links to WP login

  • vsimm63


    Hi There,

    I’m a newbie and I haven’t made any custom changes to the core files anywhere but……
    After new members register, then click “policy agreement & complete sign up” they’re taken back to the top of the register page. Also, when I login from website memu, I’m taken to WP login page.
    Web hosting service: Blue Host (windows server)
    WP version: 5.2.4
    WP theme: SocialMag Pro version 1.1.2 by ThemesMatic (Buddypress plugin compatable)
    Buddypress: version 5.0 was added to the theme as a plugin
    NOTE: BP members sorted by personality trates. 69 profile field questions, 3 profile detail questions (standard BP), 3 account detail boxes (standard BP)

    Other Buddypress Add On Plugings (all have been diactivated & website reboot, but problem persists:
    1. Buddypress activity social share: version 2.2.1 by Wbcom Design
    2. Buddypress extended friendship request: version 1.2.0 by Buddy Dev Team
    3. Simple Buddypress profile privacy: version 0.7.9 by Justin Hansen
    4. Social sharing buttons: version 1.0 by ThemesMatic
    5. Paid memberships pro: version 2.1.4 by Stranger Studio
    6. Paid memberships pro-WooCommerce add on: version 1.6.1 by Stranger Studio

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  • vsimm63


    PLEASE SOMEONE HELP ME……..I want to use Buddy Press because it’s the best plugin for social websites. But I can’t register members and the activation email isn’t being sent.

    Has anyone found a solution to these problems? If so, please share your knowledge.

    > Buddypress: version 5.0 was added to the theme as a plugin

    What does it mean?

    BuddyPress is not installed from the Plugins Management screen?

    Please make sure to follow all suggested checks into this topic, in particular testing with only BuddyPress activated and a Twenty* WordPress bundled theme.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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