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[New Plugin] BP Advanced SEO

  • Boris


    Hey guys,

    here’s another plugin I finally managed to scrape together from a few functions and classes I found in my theme files.

    Somewhrere in these holy forums here you’ll find a couple posts where I said that SEO isn’t actually that important for most social networks… I still stand by that statement. I just had that class lying around and I adapted it for a site of mine, so I thought I’ll let you try it out to see how much it can take :)

    It doesn’t have the amount of options like BP SEO, but it does a lot automagically. It adds a meta box to the post write screen that lets you specify a title, description and keywords if you want. It also does noindex, revised posts and author meta for you. It does the SEO for registration, activation and directory pages for you. In the future it will give you options for profile pages and forum pages. That’s probably gonna be it though, unless you send a feature request along my way I just can’t resist…

    And… It’s been built for WP 3.0 and BP 1.3, neither which has been released so far. BP 1.3 is a lot less awkward when it comes to creating pages. It actually uses internal WP pages, so my plugin uses that as well as much as possible. It also hasn’t been tested with the multisite version of WP 3.0, so use at your own risk with lower versions.

    Downlad here:

    As in my post before, please don’t expect free support. I will setup subscription based support groups for you to get support. Until then you’re on your own. You don’t like these terms? Please don’t download my plugins! :)



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  • r-a-y


    Cool! Looks like you’re about to ramp up on BP plugins, which is great for the community!

    I also believe that SEO isn’t important for social networks (besides the frontpage!).



    Well, now there’s at least 2 of us, ray :)

    Join the cause, everybody…




    Competition is healthy. Thanks for releasing this.

    SEO is not on my list of priorities — all I really want is fine-grained control of page titles (forum threads in particular) for my users’ multitab browsing convenience. Waiting on Sven’s next beta of his SEO tool for that, but I’ll have a look at this one, too, with thanks.



    The plugin is now in the repository. I made some slight improvements to the code and added a char counter to the description textareas. Enjoy!



    Nice, thanks TJ. When I said I was looking forward to your releases, that’s what I meant ;)

    Cool. Will give it a try. TQ.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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