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New Plugin Idea: MySQL Report

  • thebigk


    I’m wondering if anyone could do this plugin –

    Typical Use:

    1. We have about 1000 registered members

    2. The plugin should let me create reports using their profiles. For example, I would want to report firstname+year of graduation into my report search criteria.

    Or it’s already done?

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  • fishbowl81


    1. congrats on the members

    2. I don’t believe it has been done yet.

    Depending on your mysql abilities, you may find it easier to just write a quick and dirty php file with a mysql connect to show members. The overhead that wordpress and buddypress would add to this process wouldn’t be worth the minimal gains of the buddypress functions.

    But if you don’t know much mysql, then you may be forced to do it inside of an admin plugin.

    Here are a few quick and dirty sql lines to get you started:

    find all users:

    SELECT user_nicename FROM wp_users;

    find all users, and show full name (from profile fields)

    SELECT users.user_nicename , profile.value FROM wp_users users, wp_bp_xprofile_data profile WHERE users.ID = profile.user_id AND profile.field_id =1

Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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