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New Plugin Idea: SMS Notifications And Voice Chat

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    2 ideas, problem is im not a coder and do not knw how to create plugins. this is for bp1.2

    1) SMS Notifications – Send email notifications to the users mobile number and allow them to respond through sms to send a message to a user through their site or update their activity or mention someone through sms.

    2) Voice Chat – Add voice chat capability between a user and his friends through the site, conference chat where all friends are in the same chat or one on one chat between a user and his friend.

    Could anyone jump on this to create these?

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  • nickmy


    a chat would be raeally cool but as I know there is no one



    SMS depends upon being able to get a message into the right network – not entirely easy to given the wide array of different cell phone carriers. Not impossible, but certainly not easy.

    Voice chat – for a cross-platform solution – would most likely have to be done with Flash.

    There are already solutions out there than be integrated into your site if you want to buy one.


    i have seen wordpress plugins for the sms EasySMS plugin which sends new post updates to subscribers…can 1 of those plugins be intergrated with buddypress?

    @M, u were workin on a chat it ready yet? could you possibly work on this?

    Best approach for notifications is just native support of ( … it can do email, jabber, sms, desktop notifications and more (open source itself, so adding new stuff is easy).



    What the close things I’ve done is sync buddypress with Twitter. Then send sms to my twitter account and got it work. But the reply feature can’t be used with this. Hope there will a solutions soon. If twitter can do it, buddypress also can :)

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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