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New post creates new group?

  • Kris


    Anyone have any idea with this? I’m doing a little preparation at the moment for working on this, but I’m wondering if someone else already got it to work.

    I will describe as fully as I can what is going on. I’m working on a social network in the next couple of days which requires a post for every single event created. This event in turn creates a group, which users can join and subscribe to. I need the ‘groups’ functionality for this because of the built-in discussion forums and auditing purposes that makes that particular BuddyPress functionality so great. The reason also for this is that we have set expiry dates for some of these posts – I’d really like if the same could be done for the group itself.

    Anyone know if there’s a plugin for this, or the best approach to getting it done?


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  • Sounds very unique (doubt a plugin)

    For creating groups – have a look at groups_create_group in bp-groups.php – easy enough to create a group on the fly



    Most definitely. I’ll check this later, but I need the attributes of the two (the post and corresponding group) to be very closely linked.

    This may be something slightly above my station, though I’m definitely willing to give it a go. If it comes to it, I could write a massive SQL statement to shove the details in to BP on the new post query, but that would break any future WP upgrades.

    Will report back for sure.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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