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New Subscribers Not Receiving “new post” emails AND…

  • finallyanime


    Basically it’s as the title reads: my new subscribers aren’t receiving new post emails. I created a test account so i could see if everything was working properly and i’ve had the following problems:

    (My site is @ – please create an account to test a couple things if you can help. Sign-up is very easy and fast)

    1. Obviously, people aren’t getting notified of new content
    2. The “blogs” section doesn’t work.
    3. Doesn’t look like “create new topic or group” is possible…

    Could someone please help me???

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  • @mercime


    == please create an account to test a couple things ==

    @finallyanime Do provide a test username and password which you can delete later.

    1. if you’re referring to blog posts, then you’d need to install a subscription plugin or via feedburner etc.

    2. What’s wrong about the blogs section specifically? You need to have a multisite installation for that

    == Doesn’t look like “create new topic or group” is possible ==

    3. Did you see the link to create a group beside title of the Groups Directory page? Or go to directly ? Create a new topic for Group Forums or Sitewide Forums?



    @1. Okay, thanks! I’ll try to see if that works later on today. I’m on an iPad right now…err actually i might be able to just search the plugin & install that way instead of manually uploading like i usually do. I’ll report back and letchu know how that works

    P.S. I didn’t provide a username/pass test account, but i will if it doesn’t work.

    @2. ohhhh, i didn’t know i needed multisite installation :p thanks for that :D

    @3. No i didn’t see a link, haven’t went to the “groups/create” URL, and i have group forums, and didn’t see “create new topic” though i shall check again.

    @mercime Thank you so much for responding :D At first no one responded, so i basically gave up on anyone responding :p Anyways, thanks a bunch, i’ll try to respond a bit later.



    @mercime Ok…so i installed the plugin and it seems like im not getting any emails when i made a test post :/ – everything else got cleared up thanks…it’s just this stupid subscription thing. Here are my settings for the 2subscribe buddypress plugin:

    P.S. [EDIT: I just went to the options directly from the menu…it’s just the immediate link from the dashboard doesn’t work.] I think either the subscribe2 plugin or anti captcha plugin i installed is prohibiting me from entering settings to some features…”You do not have sufficient permissions to access this page” i need the anti-captcha plugin in though :( any help w/that at all too?

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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