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New to buddypress – got lots of questions :-)

  • fideldonson


    Hi all
    I just recently took over running a pretty heavily modified buddypress site (fully updated wordpress and buddypress installs) with a lot of activity (cant link to it as it is for a school). I know my way around wordpress (especially front end developing), but buddypress seems like a whole other game. And i keep running into dead ends when i have questions. So here are my three most pressing questions:

    1) Backup. I want to do this manually once in a while – beyond the normal wp-db backup what should i do? – anything not obvious to be aware of?

    2) When logged in the top most thing the user sees is a ‘whats up?’ ‘post to profile’ field. I want that gone, but cant find anything in the settings or in this forum?

    3) When logged in and viewing the activity stream. Forum posts show up with a link to the poster, forum and group. What is really missing is a ‘read more’-link to the post being displayed. Again my search has not helped. How can i insert this link into the activity stream version of the post?

    I hope my questions are not too dumb 😉

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  • @mercime


    @fideldonson no problem

    Backup all tables in site’s database and you’re fine. But also check if there’s a bp-custom.php file in wp-content/plugins/ in server, and back that up if there’s one.

    You can remove the status update box in different ways. It just depends on whether you’re using a WordPress theme or BP Default child theme.



    Hi @mercime
    Thanks. – i just downloaded the db via phpmyadmin

    We are running a BP default child theme – would i simply remove it from the theme files?

    How about the link to ‘read more’ for a forum post showing up in the activity stream. Is that also done in the theme files – as opposed to settings?

    Best regards

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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