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New Twitter Plugin for BuddyPress

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    We’re just about finished creating a new Twitter plugin designed especially for Buddypress. Here’s a list of features – and we’ll update this thread with a URL for more info when we release the plugin in the next couple of days:

    – Adds a new Settings page for people to configure their Twitter ID and psw.

    – Adds options to selectively tweet posts (in the Add New post screen for blogs – if the blogs component is enabled in BP )

    – Adds a screen where logged-in users can send tweets from within BP if they’ve configured their Twitter login details.

    – Adds all new tweets sent from within BP to the Activity page (but not for tweeted posts since new posts already show up there)

    – Integrates a Twitter menu item in the user’s public nav bar if they’ve configured their Twitter ID and psw. This allows the public to view the user’s last 20 tweets. It also shows the number of “followers” and “following” for the user, plus the total tweet count.

    – Integrates a Twitter Trends pages that shows the most popular search phrases at Twitter over a 7 day time span. There is also an option to display today’s trends at the bottom of a user’s list of tweets.

    – Adds a multi-instance widget to the blogs (if the blogs module is enabled in BP) to display tweets in the sidebar. Because this is a multi-instance widget it can be used for blogs that have more than one author or for users who have more than one Twitter account – e.g. each widget instance can be configured with a unique Twitter account.

    – It’s performance friendly. After getting the user’s tweets from Twitter the data is stored for one hour before being refreshed – unless a user posts a tweet from within BP or tweets a blog post – in those cases the cache refreshes. The same holds true for the trends data – except trends data is site-wide, meaning it is only downloaded once per hour regardless of how many users have Twitter configured in their account.

    – The caching mechanism works with WP Cache (or other cache tools that integrate WP Cache – such as WP Super Cache and derivatives) and if there’s no caching enabled then it will use the database to cache data.

    So that’s it at the moment. Any wish list items before we wrap this up?

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    @M Will they be released at the same time? Also, are we talking days, weeks, hours (lol)?

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    David Mazza


    In some ways I am glad that you are waiting for you plugins to be in full working condition before you release them, but you can definitely release the chat plugin before you add a feature like group chat.

    I am really looking forward to adding these to my site.

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    Any updates on this plugin? I got the feeling that it was undergoing final testing? Thanks!

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    does anyone know if anythings happening with this?

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    any word on a release?

    viable alternatives??

    looks like it works!

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    Funny how bills can take a person away from writing free code :-)

    Sorry for the delays…

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    Jeff Sayre


    That was on big pile of bills! ;)

    Welcome back.

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    Welcome back!

    Eager to test, and help out where needed,


Viewing 8 replies - 51 through 58 (of 58 total)
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