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New user registrations ..from my own server??

  • linearconcepts


    Every few days, my BuddyPress site gets a new registration. It’s bogus and only takes a minute to remove the bogus registrations. But the disturbing thing is that the source IP for those bogus registrations is the server itself. Legit registrations have other (credible) IP addresses.

    What gives?


    I’m using
    WP 3.9
    Akismet V 3.0.0
    bbPress V 2.5.3
    BP-Album V
    BP-Registration-Options V 4.1.3
    BuddyPress V 2.0
    BuddyPress Activity Plus V 1.6
    BuddyPress Links V 0.9
    BuddyPress Security Check V
    Buddypress Social V 2.0
    BuddyPress Wall V 0.9.3
    EWWW Image Optimizer 1.8.5
    Hello Dolly V 1.6
    rtMedia for WordPress, BuddyPress and bbPress V 3.6.13

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  • linearconcepts




    John James Jacoby


    Sounds like the murderer is in the house. Don’t go upstairs. 🙂

    You could optionally just block sign-ups from your own IP. If you’re running a multisite installation, there’s a convenient UI for this. We’ve yet to incorporate that into single-site BuddyPress yet, but we have considered it.

    Worth pinging @messenlehner or @tw2113 about the registration options plugin, and @bungeshea about the security check plugin too.

    Shea Bunge


    I’m the developer of BuddyPress Security Check. Unfortunately, it appears that spammers have found a way to complete the math sum, allowing them to register. This means that BuddyPress Security Check will probably not prevent bots from registering. It certainly isn’t generating fake signups though. Probably best to disable BuddyPress Security Check until I figure out how I can fix it and release a new update.

    Thanks for the ping @johnjamesjaccoby



    This plugin, though not updated for a very LONG time, still works.

    Might be a LITTLE help in the ongoing battle against spam!

    Security question/answer can produce a text-string, not just a sum, answer.



    Above plugin is the only plugin you will ever require to stop spam. Donate to plugin author if it stops spam on your site to keep the plugin alive

    Michael Beckwith


    Just wanted to chime in that WebDevStudios’ “BuddyPress Registration Options” plugin is nearing, but not quite there yet, its 3.4 release which will offer both BuddyPress and bbPress support. We’ll use user meta to check if approved, and if not, prevent access to everywhere but the unapproved user’s profiles.

    Willing to take feedback from anyone wanting to help beta test.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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