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New Users are not added to wp_bp_user_blogs – and therefore "my blogs" is empty

  • marcaurel75



    I am running WPMU 2.9.1 and BP 1.2.1 – with subdomains.

    My problem is:

    When new users are added to WPMU they are nor registred in the table wp_bp_user_blogs – and therefore (as far as I understand) the menu “My Blogs” and the profile “blogs” tab remain empty.

    At least they can access the blogs where they are registred users,

    Why is that? And how is it to fix?

    Help is much appreciated! :)

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  • This was fixed in 1.2.1, they should register fine, but it was broken in 1.2.



    I am running BP 1.2.1.

    I read the other threads – and hoped that 1.2.1 would solve the case. But it didn’t…

    I deactived all other plugins – but when I register a new test user all the time “my blogs” remains empty – no matter if the blog ist public or private.

    Is there a way to reset the table wp_bp_user_blogs. I once changed an entry by hand, maybe that corrupted the system?!?

    Deactivate BuddyPress and perhaps try manually clearing your user blogs table. Then reactivate.

    Also – if you just register a user then no blog will be attached to them, you have to register them then actually add them to the blog. They must also have higher than subscriber access.



    “They must also have higher than subscriber access. ” That was it!!!! Thanks!

    Is there a way to change that, so that subscribers will also have their blogs in the “my blogs” menu? Which file do I have to alter to achieve it?



    I ran into this problem as well. Albeit I’m using a very automated process on to create blogs, I found that the query that the list makes is VERY distinct, and there for if certain fields in BP are not populated, the query failed.

    I fixed this by ensuring that in my creation script I populated these fields:

    $wpdb->query(“insert into {$wpdb->base_prefix}bp_user_blogs values(”,'{$newUserId}’,'{$newBlogId}’);”);
    $wpdb->query(“insert into {$wpdb->base_prefix}bp_user_blogs_blogmeta values(”,'{$newBlogId}’,’name’,'{$site}’);”);
    $wpdb->query(“insert into {$wpdb->base_prefix}bp_user_blogs_blogmeta values(”,'{$newBlogId}’,’description’,'{$site}’);”);

    This doesn’t solve why it’s happening for everyone else, but it may shed light into the factors.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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