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New Users Can’t Log In

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    Apologies for cross posting this – I didn’t find the forums until after I’d posted to the group wall. I know there’s another topic with a a similar title, but it appears to be about a different issue….

    I’m just trying to get a buddy press working at

    I can login fine as admin and access all the BP stuff….I can also go into my dashboard etc. The same is true for any users I set up directly from the dashboard.

    Users who create themselves, however, are unable to log in. It takes them straight back to the main page and does not show them as logged in. What’s more, if you add /wp-admin/ after the address, it won’t let them access the dashboard eithere. If I deactivate BP it works fine.

    Any thoughts?

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  • Have those users who have self-registered activated their account?

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    DOH! So simple. Cheers Paul, can’t believe I spent so long on it and missed that!!

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    Philo Hagen


    And don’t forget to tell your users to check their spam folder when their email didn’t arrive.

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    Mission 101


    Hi guys, I’m having issues setting up the members tap and forums to work…right now user can create an account, but for some reason they can’t log in the log in button is disable and isn’t showing up… How do I go about fixing this…. Thanks~~~ the site is

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    I have same problem right now my log in button is disable. what should I do and how can I fix it? I have Multi Site with few plugins.

    I am having a similar issue with the buddypress login. It will redirect users to the home page after logging in, but will not actually log them in. They are also not receiving an email to activate their account. Any suggestions?

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    @JBo796 WP/BP versions? Have you changed theme to bp-default, deactivated all plugins except BuddyPress, cleared cache, create a test user account and then check if BP log in works?

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    Hmm first thing I would do is deactivate anything BP and simply ensure that your system and WP is correctly able to send emails or that you have configured email dns correctly. Host isn’t Bluehost is it ?

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    I had this problem – on my localhost, which doesn’t send out emails, I tried to register new users and then activate them using the admin tool. These users could not login. However, users created directly with the admin tool could login.

    The solution, I found, was to edit the wp_users table and set user_status to 0 for those users who I registered on my local machine. Works like a charm now.

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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