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New users do not have a “my sites” tab on their admin bar

  • I have been setting up buddypress and have found that existing users can log in and see the “my sites” menu on their admin bar. However, if I create a new account and do not setup a blog on joining, there is no “my sites” link in the admin bar – so how do I make that appear, or allow users without a blog to add one?


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  • Ooh. This might be an improvement or a fix we should make. As a workaround, try going to /register on your site. Alternatively, they may be able to make a new one from inside wp-admin, I’m not sure.

    Oh dear, really? That sounds quite a flaw to me!

    If a logged in user goes to register, they get redirected back to the mainpage.

    If I log in as a user without a blo and go to it does allow them to add one. But the problem is that in the my sites menu that then appears, they can see a link to the main site blog(which they cant acces, but even still its very confusing) as well as their own!

    Surely it must be a very common occurence for a buddypress site member to want to add a blog, it seems very odd this is a problem?



    Paul – should I be adding this to the bug tracker, or is it specific to my site?

    Anyone – how do your existing members without a blog add one? I have more than 200 members who did not have blogs (hust for commenting), but now I have added buddypress several want to get more involved, and until I find out how they can add a blog, they can’t!

    Andrea Rennick


    Do you have multisite enabled? That’s what powers the blogs portion.

    Hi Andrea

    Yes, I have an existing 3.2.1 multisite network. I added buddypress a week ago and am still tweaking the changes. I received support tickets from members who had signed up to just to get a username for commenting, how they could add a blog. I realised that the “my sites” menu in buddypress toolbar does not show for members without a blog.

    So I cannot see a way to allow existing members without a blog to add one, which seems really odd.

    Hi. I have found a similar thing. I have migrated a multisite to a new buddypress multisite installation.

    Wordpress 3.2.1
    Buddypress 1.5.1

    I imported a site from my old multisite (without buddypress). I found that when I allowed wordpress to create the users from the xml export data (ie import posts and it gives you the option to create the users) that all of the users could not see my sites in the admin bar and also all of their sites where not visible under my account sites.

    I have found that if you create the users first (like a new user) and then assign the posts to the new users … they can operate normally (can see sites in admin bar and all sites are visible under my account).



    I have the same issue. For now I’ve created a menu link to domain/blogs/create/ but I’d rather it be in the Buddy Bar. Also, going to “Dashboard > Sites > Create Site” takes non admins to domain/wp-signup.php which takes them to the site’s home page.

    I’m using WordPress Multi-Site + BuddyPress + Membership Premium.



    Between two stools one goes to the ground

    also another issue i noticed with this was that it links the dashboard of the master installation to all registered users. help that to.



    Bad beginning makes a bad ending

Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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