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New Website Project G.C.S.N.S.

  • josh101



    The GEO CLASSIFIEDS SOCIAL NETWORK SYSTEM will be power by wordpress3, buddypress1.2.5 and gpress. It will be a highly modified system with 60+ plugins it will also be laying the groundwork for a never before seen type of classified system very few classifieds even use maps and there the most advanced. Although gpress is in a very early beta state its the best time to get ideas for development going. We also need a name for the site but for now its the gcsns project.

    So why go head to head with the likes of craigslist? Frist off it hurts my eyes with its plain like early 95 web design. 2nd we can speed up communication by offering better contact methods with the use of social technology. In the end you will still give out the info like you do on craigslist but you can stop wasting your time with unneeded vist to your house by buyers that just end of being lookers that dont buy. A webpage with a phone number only goes so far (as in your how many mins you have) so lets end the use of bad design and a gamed system to a system thats solid and frist off can expand.(go wp!) But before we can start diging into 101010’s we need a plan. Heres our group page

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