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New WP theme framework will have BP support

  • Just moments ago WP/BP ninja Ptah Dunbar announced that WP Framework will have buddypress support.
    WP framework is a theme framework developed by devpress ( an elite taskforce (aka The Fantastic Four or The Four Horsemen) of WP ninjas consisting of Justin Tadlock ( @greenshady), Ptah Dunbar ( @ptahdunbar), Tung Do and Patrick Daly ( @Developdaly)

    I am drooling in anticipation…

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  • Also announced today, Brian Gardner (Genesis) has announced that Andrea and Ron Rennick’s long-standing support for BuddyPress (GenesisBuddy / premiumbpthemes) will officially be moving to StudioPress next week. (source)

    WooThemes have been working on BuddyPress support for their Canvas theme (as far as I know) for sometime.

    This is just the bigger names. There are lots of smaller theme shops and designers releasing BuddyPress themes. The future’s bright, the future’s orange ;)

    Yes, but I think WP framework will be FREE, wereas the other theme frameworks you mentioned are not

    At least Hybrid has been free until now.

    Please note I am not complaining, just stating the facts.

    Andrea Rennick


    :) And it is good to state so, because it also bugs me when someone shows up complaining that it’s not free. ;)

    here’s hoping more theme authors jump on the bandwagon and do the needed work to add support for BP. It’s just better for us all then.

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