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Newbie. automatic creating theme for private message

  • serg1487


    Hi everybody! I want to reorganize private messaging in my site. Nowadays it’s organized like e-mail between members. My idea is to create thread of message automatically using data from users and recipients ID’s or usernames to consolidate messages in thread depending on users that have been involved in conversation. For example there is user 1 and user 2. User1 sends message to user2. Their messages between each other will always be in one thread. Constructing of thread name must not depend on which member (user1 or user 2) starts the conversation.
    I’ve done it this way : in compose.php

    40 <input type=”hidden” name=”subject” id=”subject” value=”ID<?php echo get_current_user_id(); ?> to <?php echo bp_get_message_get_recipient_usernames(); ?> ” />

    Its concatetation of sender and recipients meta. But the result depends on what member starts the conversation. If user 1 starts, the thread name will be ID1 to user2. If user2 starts, it will be ID2 to user1. Its two different threads. But i need to make one thread name for both cases using sender and recipients meta. Please help me)

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