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Newbie questions about using this forum

  • nickharambee



    I’ve been using the Buddypress forums for a couple of weeks, having only recently installed Buddypress for the first time, and generally I have found it a pleasing and responsive experience. There’s a couple of issues that I haven’t worked out though. I am signed in with my WordPress login, and have all notifications enabled, but I am not getting any emails when others respond to posts I have made. Also, I can’t find a facility to search the forum. There appears only to be a search bar for the site as a whole, which doesn’t seem to include the forum. Can anyone advise on these two issues?



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  • b1gft


    The search facility is not working on the site, well it kind of does, but only shows blog entries. what I do is use the tags and get the closest word to your problem and click on it and see what comes up. Of course first ask on the support forum, but I find, on my questions anyway, that only about 20% are answered. On the email notification, again I dont think it works, so to get over this, I will make some comment on a post I am interested in or want to find a problem on. Then when I return to the BP site, I log in and go to my activity page, and that shows all the posts I have being involved with, so I am able to follow it that way.

    There is a few bugs with BP own site, another one is my username is shown as “deleted user”, while my username is B1gft. I posted about it and again they said they have seen a lot of members that had this problem, again they said they knew about it, but again it was not fixed.



    Mmmh. Thanks for the info. Doesn’t sound so good. BP seems to work well, but not so much the forum. I don’t have anything showing in my activity even though I have started a number of posts.

    Same here. I have to spend 45 minutes to find the thread I started to see if someone replied to it. Imagine 50 threads…

    Really ? No notifications, no activity, no search ?

    Sorry, but this is everything but a forum and it must be fixed like yesterday, its pretty annoying.

    Roger Coathup


    Another thing to fix maybe its the “Deleted User” badge some of us have, no idea why. Why ?

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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