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Newbie where are basic questions answered?

  • yocalif


    Ok I’m totally new to BP and WP, and I’m frustrated. I am a traditional forum kind of guy, I have setup several phpbb, smf, joomla, etc sites and or forums. I think in typical outline structure. But so far finding answers here at Buddypress is an exercise in frustration.

    !st question: This is from support at TMDhosting, who are installing BP & WPmu for me,
    quote:Would you please let us know if you wish to have the new blogs for your WordPress MU as :
    * Sub-domains or * Sub-folders

    I tried to find an answer in documentation
    How about searching via google using site filter…. NOT
    How about using search in the right column next to documentation categories on the link above, NOT…. tried the word “domain”, and got blank page, tried the word “folder” and also a blank page.
    How about looking in the support groups, I chose the Install Buddypress support group, nope nothing there.
    Ok surely if I search entire site using the search box. Result is multiple pages of results but so far after 5 pages I can’t find this topic.

    Enough on how to install BP…. lets move on to Getting Started?
    What is the first thing I should do after BP is installed? How the hell do I know, the documentation link has nothing,
    The Support FAQ has nothing?

    What is really frustrating is there are hundreds of BP sites installed and operating, so people have figured this stuff out, and I can’t.

    It seems a little logical organization is called for…….
    First item, “how to get help when you need it”?

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Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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